Robert A. (born October 20, 1988) better known as his artist name TyRo

is a german hit producer, songwriter and audio engineer from Kassel, Germany.

In the early 2000s he started his music career together with his brother Artur A.

in the label “TyRoProductionZ”, today better known as “TyRo Music Group”.

He is best known for producing all Songs from the Hit EP “Love & Hurt” for Dontae Peeps in 2014 (iTunes Album Charts R&B/Soul No.4 in Germany)

and the German MTV Urban Charts No.1 hit single “The Trumpet” for DJ-T.M. in 2015.







TyRo got his first music experience in primary school. He was singing in the school choir, starred in musicals and learned to play recorder, keyboard and saxophon in music school. He always was blessed by the talent to hear melodies and repeat them on an instrument without reading notes.

In his leisure together with his brother he recorded music from the radios to create and sample new sounds for mixes and beats.

He was fascinated in Hip Hop, skateboarding, breakdancing and beatboxing which influenced his music style.

At the age of sixteen years he got into first music production using FL Studio.

Later he formed a production group with his brother called “TyRoProducionZ” collaborating with several singers, songwriters, artists and music groups all over the world.

In 2013 he linked up with singer/songwriter Dontae Peeps from Atlanta who already has written songs for Usher and Chris Brown.

Together they created their first professional sounds, songs and hits for the radios and clubs.

Now he was recognized by the first music labels, radiostations and Club DJs who wanted to support and play his productions in the clubs and radios.

In 2014 he produced the whole EP “Love & Hurt” which includes seven breathtaking songs by Dontae Peeps.

With this EP he had his first big success peaking the german R&B/Soul iTunes Album Charts on No.4.

Everybody was talking about TyRo now. His name spread all over Germany. He got several requests by other singers, rappers, artists and music labels.

But TyRo decided to stay independent as a music label and founded his own label “TyRo Music Group” with his brother.

In 2015 he started to produce songs and remixes for DJs and major artists like Kat DeLuna, Trey Songz, Ardian Bujupi, DJ Mase and DJ-T.M..

He produced two remixes of DJ Mase & Ardian Bujupis Hit Single “Boom Raka Tak” feat Lumidee & Big Ali for the german No.1 R&B/Soul iTunes Charts Album “Ardicted” by Ardian Bujupi.

In addition he produced the german MTV Urban Charts No.1 Hitsingle “The Trumpet” by DJ-T.M. as well as his new single “You Ain’t Goin Home” feat. Algee Smith which hit the

German MTV Urban Charts on No.4 and the German R&B/Soul iTunes Charts on No.16.

TyRo now found his own music production style and created the perfect sounds for the clubs and radios.

With his remixes and tracks he entered the DJ CITY Charts Top 25 several times and got his first placement on TV with his own production “Kangaroo”

on RTL2 Grip – Das Motormagazin.

There is no DJ who hasn’t got a “TyRo Track” in his fixed set.

In october 2015 he released his next own hit single “Say You Scared (SYS)” feat. JC which reached the TOP20 of the german MTV Urban Charts.

He linked up with singer/songwriter JC from Nashville and created a RnBass club driven Track.

And it won’t be the last. For January 2016 he has planned to release another song with JC together with DJ Belay called “Hands On You”.




Production Style


TyRo on the beat” that’s his producer tag, you can hear in the beginning of the most songs he produces.

TyRo specified on producing R&B, Club, Twerk, RnBass, Moombahton and HipHop/Rap Songs.

He always uses happy melodies and chords combined with powerful drums and special vocal samples that get stuck to the listeners ear and will not be forgotten for a long time.

In his Club and Twerk tracks he often uses an echoing “Oh Ohhhh” vocal sample which you can hear in “Kangaroo”, “The Trumpet” and several remixes.

© TyRo Music Group